About me

When I was about seven years old, I went on a school trip at home in Wiltshire. Yes, surname notwithstanding, I am a native English speaker born and bred in the UK.

We had to write about our visit to the Langham farm centre afterwards. I have no idea why, but even then my report included a table of contents, headings and body text, and illustrations with captions.

Since then, over some twenty-five years as a technical author in several countries, I have extended my range of communications tips and tricks. The drive is still the same, though: making information easy to comprehend and easy to find your way around.

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About technical communication

Technical here means essentially instructional: information that helps people carry out tasks, understand what they're doing and check the background information they need.

Operational documentation

Making sure operational documents are complete, consistent, usable and up to date needs the services of a specialist.

Documentation - one way forward

Who actually enjoys writing documentation? Make everyone happier and more productive: go for teamwork.

How to recognise a usable procedure

Procedures answer "How do I…" questions: no place for ambiguity, vagueness or inconsistency.